Play & Stay

Play and stay

The first tournaments of your life

We recommend our Play & Stay program to children ages 6-10 who have more serious long-term goals for their tennis. Due to the individual nature of tennis, we believe that one-to-one attention is needed at a very young age, so even the youngest ones have a private lesson in their program. In the initial period, this is only a few hours more than the ABC program, but as the children grow, the number of hours spent training increases.

Ways in which the Play & Stay program offers more than the Tennis ABC children’s program:

  • higher number of hours per week
  • at least one private lesson per week
  • appoint a coach in charge
  • regular tests, evaluations, parental consultation
  • assistance in compiling competition program

Age groups for the Play & Stay program:

 The schedule follows the current competition system of the Hungarian Tennis Association, but the final groups are always formed on the basis of the coach’s opinion, in consultation with the parents and children:

  • red court: those younger than 8 in the given calendar year
  • orange court: those younger than 9 in the given calendar year
  • green court: those younger than 10 in the given calendar year

Headcount of Play & Stay program:

Since we want as much of a personalized training program as possible from the very beginning, the applications to the play and stay programme are maximized, so that everyone gets the attention they need. In the event that sessions are oversubscribed, we will examine whether the headcount can be expanded without compromising on quality. If this is not possible, the coaches will decide who can be included in the program together.