Tennis court rental

Details of 2023 outdoor season:
  • First day: April 24th, 2023
  • Last day: October 15th, 2023
Prices for 2023 outdoor season:
PeriodSeason-ticketOccassional rental
07.00 – 11.003.800 HUF/hour4.500 HUF/hour
11.00 – 15.003.500 HUF/hour4.200 HUF/hour
15.00 – 22.004.200 HUF/hour4.900 HUF/hour
Weekends3.500 HUF/hour4.200 HUF/hour
 If you purchase HUF 40,000 or more in credit, we will give you +5% credit as a gift!

Details of 2022/2023 indoor season :
  • First day: 17th October, 2022
  • Last Day: 16th April, 2023
Prices for 2022/2023 indoor season:
PeriodSeason-ticketOccassional rental
07.00 – 11.0012.500 HUF/hour14.500 HUF/hour
11.00 – 15.0011.500 HUF/hour13.500 HUF/hour
15.00 – 22.0013.500 HUF/hour15.500 HUF/hour
Weekends11.500 HUF/hour13.500 HUF/hour
 In case of a private lesson with a “club coach” we offer 2.000 Ft discount on the court booking!

Coaching prices

Private lesson with head coach10.000 HUF/hour + court
Private lesson7.000 HUF/hour + court
Private lesson for 2 people (for doubles)4.000 HUF/hour/person + court
Group lesson (3-5 people)3.000 HUF/hour/person court

Package offers

Details of the 2022/2023 Tennis ABC children’s program:
  • Application: continuously from August 15th, 2022
  • First day: September 5th, 2022
  • Last day: June 18th, 2023
The price of the program comprises two payment types

Season fee*: regardless of the number of hours per week
    I. semester (includes the first 20 weeks):85,000 HUF/semester
    II. semester (includes the second 20 weeks):85,000 HUF/semester

Fixed monthly fee *
: varies based on the number of weekly trainings:
    1 lesson per week:12.000 HUF/month
   2 lesson per week:29.000 HUF/month
   3 lesson per week:48.000 HUF/month

*sibling discount:
  • from the seasonal fee: 5.000 HUF
  • from the monthly fee in case of 1 training per week: 2.000 HUF
  • from the monthly fee in case of 2 trainings per week: 3.000 HUF
  • from the monthly fee in case of 3 training per week: 4.000 HUF

You can find more details about the ABC program here.

Players attending the Tennis Academy follow an individually tailored program, so please contact us for more information on pricing.

We reserve the right to change prices.

Prices shown include VAT.