Court rental

At M.E.S.E. Tennis club, you can only book a tennis court through the HELLA online system, so you will need to complete a quick registration process before making your first registration, which is possible by entering a few details or using an existing Facebook or Google account.

After logging in, you will see the bookings of the current day on the home screen: the unavailable slots are shaded out while the free slots are light. After selecting the desired time, you can still change the booking details in the pop-up window.

The booking can only be finalized if the rental fee of the court is paid. Payment methods:

  • using the credit on your virtual account
  • with an instant credit card payment via SimplePay’s online system

Once your booking is successful, the system will send a confirmation email with all the details. You can see your own booking in “green” on the screen, which you are free to change or cancel up to 24 hours before the start of the slot. If you do cancel, the amount paid will be credited to your account and can be used until the end of the current season. Beyond the cancellation deadline, the rented hours are considered played.

The booking process can be simplified by crediting a larger sum to your virtual account using the “buy credit” menu item (the system will always notify you of your current credit). Under the same menu item, you can review your “purchase” and “credit history” at any time.

Please keep your email address and mobile phone number up to date!