The Club

M.E.S.E. is for everyone!

"We believe we can offer something new that sheds a different light on conventional attitudes to education and coaching."

Kardhordo Zzilard
Kardhordó Szilárd
M.E.S.E. Founder and Head Coach

Tennis ABC

Everywhere in the world, people of all ages are learning to play and enjoy tennis as a social activity. Even though it is predominantly an individual sport, tennis is great for bringing people together!

Tennis Academy

An athletic scholarship from a US college is a fantastic opportunity worth giving your all for. The better you get, the better the higher scholarship you will receive and the more prestigious university you can attend.

Tennis Talents around the world

A common spirit, faith in coaching methods and technical expertise connect the Tennis Talents workshops worldwide, ensuring that any location is a great choice for those young tennis players with the ambition to achieve outstanding results.